Why Choose SDIS?

We want the same
as you do

You want the best holistic International curriculum school experience for your child. So do we!


Our emphasis is on the holistic development of confident and responsible global citizens. Our approach balances strong academic and pastoral expectations, which encourages students of all ages to develop a reflective, independent approach to life and learning.

Therefore, our dedicated staff and faculty actively seek opportunities to push our students to grow beyond their current level of capabilities. Your child will be encouraged to explore all levels of learning through our broad curriculum and a wide range of co-curricular activities. There will be many opportunities for students to learn a wide range of knowledge and practical skills, thus acquiring personal qualities that serve them well as adults.


We all know the impact great teaching creates. Our international and local academics team are carefully selected for their IB qualification, IB experience, excellent track records, and contribution to the holistic development of children throughout their careers. Our teachers are genuinely passionate and committed to facilitating a higher quality, safer, and more engaging onsite and virtual learning environment for your child. The primary objective of our teachers is to help students recognize their gifts and talents through coaching and mentorship.


Small class sizes mean our teachers know every student individually and can respond to your child’s strengths, adapting our learning model to an individualized level to help them overcome challenges. Smaller class sizes also help students to feel more confident in interacting with their friends and teachers, and they are more motivated to participate in activities and contribute their own ideas without reluctance. A more intimate classroom learning environment also makes students feel less intimidated if they do not comprehend something.


At SDIS, student learning is driven by “big ideas” rather than subject-specific content. By encouraging students to consider the context in which they will use their understanding, concept-based learning brings “real world” meaning to content knowledge and skills. Students become critical thinkers which is essential to their ability to creatively solve problems in the 21st century.


At Springdale International School, kindness is the most critical element among a whole gamut of personal, emotional, and social ingredients that we add to our scholastic mix. How we deal with each other, how we teach, how we lift each other- all have a major impact on a child’s ability to learn, and their social development. Our unique Character Development program makes kindness an integral part of the curriculum.