Welcome to Dhaka

Welcome to Dhaka


Bangladesh is a nation of freedom fighters, a country of six seasons, vibrant colours, hospitable people, and an engrained rich culture celebrated throughout the year.

Life in Dhaka, the capital, is that of a fast paced nature of an Asian Mega city, providing endless opportunities to experience from a whole new perspective.


Settling Down

We understand the exact challenges and concerns of our international community. Whether you are coming to Bangladesh for the first time or you are already here, our hospitality team will be there to help you settle down in a comfortable home, and guide you to navigate your way around the essential parts of the city. Our admissions office will also be open to assist you with anything you might need. 

Central Zone

Our school campus and facilities are centered around Gulshan, the prime zone for expatriates and upper class to reside and carry on their activities.


Our staff have hassle free commutes to International and exclusive local recreational clubs, shopping malls, grocery super stores, movie theaters, modern hospitals, well maintained community parks, and even pet stores. The well established online shopping businesses have also made life more convenient.

Weekends & Trips

Long Weekends and Holidays are also fulfilling when a two hour commute / flight within the country can take you to beautiful resorts, farmlands, golden beaches, and infamous tea estates.

Helping hands at home

Above all, stress at home is far less when you have a personal chauffeur, cook, and helping hands at very affordable rates. With all the support services available, you end up saving your precious time.