Technology & Responsibility

Technology & Responsibility

We live in a digital world, and technology is a life skill. In the 21st century, children are digital natives- they’ve grown up with technology and it’s been woven into their very lives. At Springdale International School, we aim to create life-long learners, and we recognize that technology is one set of tools that our students can use to ignite their curiosity and amplify their understanding of the world around them.


At Springdale International School, we teach that responsible technology users are Intentional & Thoughtful. We understand how important it is to teach our kids a balance between age-appropriate technology usage and unplugged free time, so that children can learn in a myriad of ways. At the same time, they are intentional with when they access this technology and for what purposes, so that there is a balance between their lives online and the real world.
We teach our kids to be thoughtful online- they know how to care for their devices, how to behave with kindness to others and how to verify facts so as not to harm self & others, so that they become responsible digital citizens.

Technology aids in the flow of knowledge in the classroom

In the classroom, technology helps teachers to experiment more in pedagogy and get better insight about student’s struggles and achievements. At the same time, it increases student engagement as shy children are able to be drawn in. With real-time updated resources that are immediately available to students, the traditional passive learning model is broken. Students understand that they can ask more, search more, and connect more points of knowledge and fact with each other. With technology in the classroom, our teachers become the encourager, advisers, and coaches, and the students the entrepreneurial brains for learning.