Student Support Service

As an inclusive school, we believe:

  • A diverse student population contributes positively to the school community
  • Every child is unique and has their own learning characteristics and interests
  • A welcoming community should be created within classrooms through Learning Support
  • A sound relationship between home and school is required for a child’s optimal growth

Learning Support is a free service designed to assist students with mild learning difficulties and those who struggle academically. These students are often supported by specific classroom intervention programs.

English as an additional Language (EAL) is also offered to students whose first language is not English. This program helps boost up their English language skills which significantly increases their abilities to understand the lessons.

Parental Guidance

We want our students to be ready to learn and achieve their potential everyday in school. Hence, we want to ensure that they are receiving the attention they need at home. We support parents in creating diet plans, sleep routines and time management at home- all the factors that provide the emotional and physical stability of a well-rounded learner..