Student Information System

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Smart Board technology in SDIS’s classrooms enriches the curriculum by taking a typical lesson and turning it into a fun, more interactive one. These interactive boards provide an extraordinary opportunity for our teachers to create a classroom environment where students with different learning styles can be accommodated. Smart boards are smart choices to present a big picture of learning quickly and efficiently. Students’ learning comes to life, and many children find it more fun to learn than ever before.

Smart boards at SDIS also help teachers perform their duties, including how they manage simple record-keeping tasks for easier class management, assess learning, as well as provides opportunities for collaboration with other teachers for learning across disciplines, co-teaching and feedback.

Smart Classroom

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Gradelink is the award-winning Student Information System (SIS) that connects administrators, teachers, parents, and students in one seamless system. This unified education technology software streamlines all processes across the school, from student admissions and enrolment, classroom assessments, and tracking down guardian contact information, to human resources, including teacher recruitment and hiring, giving our school leaders more time to focus on student services. This data-driven software also allows administrators to oversee the functioning of the school as well as use such knowledge to make informed decisions for continuous school improvement

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How can Gradelink help keep parents involved?

Through Gradelink, students and guardians have their own tools to help through their academic career. Students have online access to their assignments and course work, along with their schedules and other information. Each student/guardian has their own portal to upload/download documents and to communicate with teachers and administrators for instant access to real-time student performance.

Additional tools such as robust calendars, class web pages, school websites, mobile apps, group email, SMS/text and voice alerts, and automatic grade and attendance monitoring, to name a few, can help even the busiest parents stay plugged in.