How do I enroll?

How do I enroll my child at SDIS?

Welcome dear parents and thank you for your interest in SDIS!

Springdale International School is focused on delivering higher quality education safely and our seats are limited.
Please fulfill the following three steps to enroll your child and to help them return back to
school safely.

Admissions Guidelines

1. Fill up Springdale International School Online Admissions Form (URL) to enroll your child.

2. Parents will be prompted at various steps in the admissions process to upload several
scanned documents (.jpeg, .pdf., png) that will be attached to the admissions form.
Please fill out the data entry questions first if more time is needed to scan the physical

You can save your progress on the admissions process and complete it at another time.
Please check your email inbox (spam as well)

3. Documents parents will be asked to upload into the online admissions system include:

  • One passport copy of student
  • One passport copy of each parent
  • Two passport size photographs of Student
  • One passport size photo of each parent
  • One copy of National ID or equivalent of each parent

Additional requested documents for new transfer enrollments:

  • Copy of student’s most recent report card.


Hard copies of some documents may be requested by the school for verification.
If you are unable to complete all the necessary documentation, please complete as much
information as possible and the school will reach out for missing documents.
If you have any questions, need assistance, or run into technical problems filling out the
registration, please send an email or call us at


Placement Test

Upon submitting all the above requirements, our admissions team will contact you within
three working days for the Placement Test.

What is the Placement Test procedure?

Initially, parents/guardians are asked to meet with the Principal or Coordinator to discuss
the prerequisites for admissions to the school. Prospective students are requested to
spend time with their teachers. This will demonstrate the child’s ability to adjust to a new
environment with others. In addition, this enables the teacher to further diversify his/her
program to ensure that the individual needs of each student are met. In the event of the
persistence of the COVID, the student will be asked to have an online interview with their
potential teacher.

Following the interview, the student will be asked to write a placement test. This will be
created and administered by the appropriate grade level teacher to the child in a quiet
and safe environment. The results of the test will ensure that the child is placed in the
appropriate grade, assist the teacher in developing plans that will address individual
needs and ensure a smooth transition to both a new class and school.

When do we know the placement result?

Placement tests are viewed by the admissions team and finally reviewed by the Principal.
Within 5 working days after the placement test, parents are notified of the enrollment


Pay the one time, non-refundable Placement Test Fee of BDT 5,000 at the admissions office
via cash.

Application will not be reviewed without the submission of the Application form, required
documents, and Placement Test Fee.