Character Development

Complimenting the International Curriculum framework is our unique Character Development program. Based on the Positive Education Approach, it combines traditional education with lessons on character, resilience, and happiness. Simply put, it’s schooling for the heart as well as the mind.

Importance of Character Education

Schools are more than institutions of academic learning. At Springdale International School we believe that academic excellence is just one facet of a child’s education. The complete development of a student encompasses academics, physical prowess, altruism, creativity, and relational components. Character Education is not just a part of our curriculum, it is our underlying philosophy for pastoral care. It permeates all that we do. For positive education to be an authentic and everyday reality, the Character Development program must be the heart of our curriculum.

The Springdale International School Character Development Program is based on five values:
Gratitude – For what has been provided in one’s life
Manners – kindness in thought & action
Resilience – Determination and perseverance & again
Wisdom – Knowing how to apply and extend knowledge
Community – Living in harmony with self and others

Kindness contributes to children embracing a more positive outlook on life. Simply put, it provides that “feel good” feeling. Research has demonstrated that the presence of kindness increases the body’s levels of dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin. The extra endorphins give rise to heightened energy levels and a sense of optimism and self-worth. The Kindness Council is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance and benefits of kindness in all
aspects of our lives.

Springdale International School fosters and supports a learning environment that is positive, inclusive, and diverse. As
part of the curriculum, relevant and age-appropriate lessons are taught to children about the
importance of self-esteem and respect for self and others. At Springdale International School, we take the physical, social
and emotional welfare of our students, seriously. Bullying in any form is not tolerated. With the
help of their teachers, students are encouraged to create their own awareness programs that
address issues of this nature in their own community. Collectively we work to create a tolerant,
open-minded community in which all members may thrive.

We believe every child is born with a purpose and will be called upon to fulfill it. Springdale International School teachers serve as exemplary role models and are trained to nurture the dreams of their students. The school environment is one of psychological and emotional safety that supports the diverse needs of every child. Springdale International School strives to instill confidence and positive esteem in each of our students so that they can successfully meet the challenges of life, and accept setbacks that are often faced. Students are encouraged to persevere and confidently seek help from their teachers when required. Springdale International School prides itself on a strong support system for its students. We involve parents in this learning process and work collaboratively with them to ensure the successful development of their children.