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Admission Form

    Student Information

    Siblings Information

    Parent Information

    Emergency Contact Information

    Contact 1

    Contact 2

    Permission for Emergency Treatment & Administering Medication

    Permission for Emergency Treatment & Administering Medication

    I give my permission for the staff at Springdale International School to administer the following medication to my child if deemed necessary.

  • Medicine prescribed by a doctor (that must be taken while the child is in the care of the school or pre-school)

  • No other medications will be administered except those listed above. If your child becomes ill, you will be notified. It is the parent's responsibility to make sure the child's emergency card is current

  • Dress code Agreement

    I am aware and acknowledge the dress code police for Springdale International School. My child will be present each day, compliant with the appropriate dress code.
    I understand that if my child is not dressed in the proper uniform or ion violation of dress code guidelines I will be notified to correct the infraction. Failure to correct the infraction or repeated offenses may result in a disciplinary action including suspension.
    Dress Code policies are available in the school office and on the school website.

    Field Trip Permission Slip

    I give permission for my for my child to participate in school sponsored field trips.
    (Note: notices will be sent home with your child prior to each trip with detailed information and specific permission but this act as permission for your convenience.)

    Photo/Video Release

    I hereby give permission for my son/daughter to be photographed or videotaped while at Springdale International School. I realize that the photo may be published in the newspaper, a magazine, the school's website and social media pages (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/YouTube) or other publication. The vide may be used for informational or educational purposes regarding the programs or curriculum of Springdale International School. Photos/Videos may not be used or distributed for personal use.

    School Directory

    Springdale International School may post an online School Directory with the names, addresses, emails and phone numbers of our SDIS families.
    We would like our contact information include in the School Directory.


    School Policies

    1. Have the following school policies, as outlined in the SDIS or Parent-Student Handbook, been explained to you

    2. I have read and agree to follow the guidelines and policies as set forth in the SDIS or Parent-Student Handbook

    3. We will make every effort to make sure our child is in attendance at SDIS when he/she is admitted.

    4. We will ensue our child's attendance at all curricular activities of Springdale International School.

    5. We will pay the registration and tuition as required.

    6. We understand that if our child should transfer at any time before or during the school year, only the security deposited will be funded after all clearances are dues.

    7. I also understand that failure to abide by any of these guidelines may result in the expulsion of my child from Springdale International School.
        I also realize that I will be held liable for any outstanding accounts.
        I understand that my child's educational records from enrollment at SDIS will not be released until all accounts are paid in full.

    Medical Information

    a) Please indicate if your child has had any of the following

    Note: Please specify the date of the diagnose.

      Scarlet Fever      
      Whooping Cough      
      Rheumatic Fever      
      German Measles      
      Chicken Pox      
      Heart Disease      
      Kidney Disease      

      Has your child's condition been diagnosed by a medical practitioner?    

      Has your child been prescribed any form of medication to assist with this condition?    

    If yes, what is/are the medication(s)?

      Has your child been diagnosed with any form of SEN (special education need)?    

    If yes, what is the nature of the need?

    Does your child have any other condition(s) (Please specify)

    If you have answers Yes in any of the above, Physician's report is required.

    b) Please Specify:

    Any allergies or asthma(include food or drug allergies)

    Any serious injuries or surgeries

    Does your child take any medicine regularly? If YES please furbish the following:

      Does your child wear glasses?      
      Has your child ever had any hearing problem?      

    Language Spoken

    Would you like the student to receive the "Additional Language" service?

  • In the event of Springdale International School gaining the service of a School Doctor, I give permission for my child to receive a medical examination

  • Please provide the following Documents below with the admissions form:

  • 1. One passport copy of the student. 2. One passport copy of each parent 3. Two passport size photographs of Student. 4. Two passport size photo of each parent. 5. One copy of National ID or equivalent of each parent. 6. One passport size photo of each guardian of the student. 7. Birth certificate of student.

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