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SDIS is an international school envisioned to become one of the premier most 21st century schools in Bangladesh. We are a tight-knit community of staff, like-minded parents and students, who come together for the development of each child. We believe in small classrooms, highly trained teachers, a dynamic school community, and above all, leading with kindness.

SDIS’s inquiry-based curriculum features STEAM learning together with physical education. Our units of study create links between topics so that students can explore and understand the world around them. Our children have ownership of their own learning process and are encouraged to actively participate by setting personal goals and practicing reflective self-evaluation. At SDIS, we nurture students to see themselves as people of substance – with character, passion, integrity, and high ability, so that they can become the leaders of tomorrow and make a positive difference to their community.

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“I am guided by a simple philosophy; what can I do to help make things better, to move the process along; to make it faster, sustainable and healthier. …but you get the idea. It’s the overarching question I ask parents, students, and my teaching colleagues; what can I do to help you?”
William H. Derrenger

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